Urea 46 Fertilizer


    Prilled Urea
    Granular Urea
    99.0% min
    99.0% min
    Total Nitrogen
    46.0% min
    46.0% min
    1.0% max
    1.0% max
    0.5% max
    0.5% max
    White prill
    White granular

    1.What is Urea fertilizer?  Urea is a kind of high concentration nitrogen fertilizer, which is a neutral and quick acting fertilizer. It can also be used to produce a variety of compound fertilizers.

    2.How to storage the urea fertilizer? Store in 20℃ cool,dry, well ventilated warehouse. Avoid rain. Stored separately and kept away from poisonous substances.

    3.How do you control your urea fertilizer series products’ quality?  (1)We will test the quality of each batch of raw materials. (2)We will test samples during production in regularly time (3)Our quality inspectors will test again the stock before loading. (4)You can ask the third party to test our magnesium sulfate series products’ quality

    4.Usage Urea is an organic nitrogen fertilizer, which can be absorbed and utilized by crops only after hydrolyzed to ammonium carbonate or ammonium bicarbonate by urease in soil. Therefore, urea should be applied 4-8 days before the fertilizer requirement period of crops.


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