Nestle Nido Milk 1+


    Nido Nestle Milk 400g, 900g,1800g, 2500

    Nido Nestle Milk 400g, 900g,1800g, 2500



    Typical Chemical and Physical Analysis

    Moisture 3.0 % max AS2300.1.1 1988
    Fat 28.0% min AS2300.1.3 1988
    Acidity 0.14 % max ADPI916 1990
    Ash 5.0 – 6.0% AS2300.1.5 1988
    Lactose 39.0% type Caculated
    Lechithin 00:20% type NIRO 22a
    Insolubility Index 0.5 ml max AS2300.4.4 1994
    Scorched particles Disc A/ 32.5gm max AS2300.4.5 1994
    Bulk Density 0.44 – 0.50 g/ml AS2300.4.3 1994
    Flavour & Odour Good AS2300.4.2 1994
    Appearance & colour Normal AS2300.4.2 1994
    Wettability 10 sec max IDF 87 1979
    Dispersibility (20 secs) 80% min IDF 87 1979
    Vitamin A 2350-3650 IU NZ MAF (WOOLARD)
    Vitamin D 300 IU min AOAC 981.17 1990
    Phosphatase <2 ug p’n-phen/ml AS2300.1.10 1988
    Inhibitory substances <0.003 ug / ml AS1766.3.11 1991
    Typical Microbiological Analysis
    Standard Plate Count 10,000 / g max AS1766.2.1 1991
    Coliforms Not detected / g AS1766.2.3 1992
    Yeasts & Moulds 10 / g max AS1766.2.2 1994
    Coagulase positive Staph Not detected / g PSL 2.1
    Salmonella Not detected / 1500g PAGE 1
    Nutrition Information
    Energy 303 kj/100ml
    Sodium 47 mg/100ml
    Calcium 117 mg/100ml

    The different varieties include instant dried whole, rather than skimmed or semi-skimmed, milk with Vitamins A & D, and are a good source of calcium. Products described on the Web site include Nido Fortificada (fortified) and a non-fat version, Nido 1+, fortified also with prebiotic fibre for children beyond early babyhood. Whole milk has a creamier flavor, and more calories, than reduced-fat types.

    Nido Nestle Milk 1+

    NestlĂ© says that Nido products are not suitable for children of under 1 year of age. Although there is no age recommendation, marketing is featured around children over three years of age with the tagline “Nutritious Milk for Growing Kids”. Nido is fortified with additional nutrients to those found in milk, and is said to contribute to over twenty essential ingredients a growing child needs.

    Nido Fortificada contains: whole milk, soy lecithin, vitamins A (as acetate), C, and D3, iron (as ferric pyrophosphate), and zinc sulfate.

    Nido 1+ contains: nonfat milk, vegetable oils (corn, canola, palm), sugar, maltodextrin, lactose, milk fat, honey, prebiotics oligofructose and inulin, less than 2% calcium carbonate, soy lecithin, vitamins B6, C, D3, and K, vitamins A and E as acetate, taurine, ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate, niacinamide, thiamine mononitrate, folic acid, biotin, calcium pantothenate, and sodium selenate


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