Fresh Valencia Oranges



    When your sweet tooth demands to be satisfied, you can pass up those unhealthy treats in favor of a delicious, naturally sweet Valencia orange. This variety of orange is our sweetest because we allow it to stay on the tree longer so that it naturally absorbs more of the wonderful sunshine and natural sugars.

    Since the beginning we have always sold the freshest citrus fruits to our customers who bought Valencia oranges from our original fruit stand. You can count on us here at Hale Groves to deliver fresh Valencia oranges right to your door. You can always be certain that every Valencia orange will arrive within a very few days of being picked from the tree, and your citrus fruit will never be frozen or stored at any long-term facility.

    When you choose to buy Valencia oranges to be delivered, you are assured of more than great taste and freshness from Hale Groves. We also ship each Valencia oranges in our custom, crush-proof boxes to ensure that your citrus fruit arrives safely and in pristine condition. Ordering your Valencia oranges online is also easy to do, and you’ll find a wonderful selection of ordering options.


    •  Oranges
    •  Citrus
    • Round, with thin-to-medium, bright orange, easy-to-peel skin

    • Orange, juicy

    • Sweet

    • An average orange weighs 5-6 ounces

    • Orange

    • Round

    • Yes
    • Zero to nine white, oblong seeds

    • March-September


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