Cassava Leaves Goat Feed


    Cassava Leaves as Goat Feed

    The feed which given to goats, either in the form of leaves or grass called as forage. This forage is used as the main feed in raising goats.

    Examples of forages are elephant grass, elephant grass schum, turi leaf (Sesbania grandiflora), calliandra leaves, jackfruit leaves, banana leaves, cassava leaves, alfafa leaves, and many other leaves.

    Cassava leaves as goat feed wholesale

    Ideally, feed for goats should be diverse so that goat farms get complete nutrition.

    One of forage as goat feed is cassava leaf. Cassava leaves have a fairly high crude protein content of about 16%.

    Protein content is high enough to allow the leaves of cassava as a good animal feed. But for some areas of cassava leaves have not been fully utilized.

    However, cassava leaves have antinutrition that its use as goat feed is limited.

    Anti-nutrients contained in cassava leaves is cyanide acid. Anti-nutrients can cause goats to poisoning until death.

    Must be careful in giving feed cassava leaves as goat feed. There have been many cases of goat farm animals poisoned by eating cassava leaves.

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