18-46-0 , Diammonium Phosphate (DAP) Fertilizers In Fertilizer



DAP is not just a source of crucial nutrients N, P for the crops, but is an integral part of his/her quest for nurturing mother earth. The bountiful crop that results from this care is an enough reason for the graceful bags of IFFCO DAP bags to be an integral part of the farmers’s family. The Indian farmer’s confidence and trust stems from the fact that IFFCO’s DAP is a part of a complete package of services, ably supported by a dedicated team of qualified personnel. This fertiliser is useful for all kinds of crops.

Diammonium Phosphate

It is the most popular phosphatic fertiliser because of its high analysis and good physical properties. The composition of DAP is N-18% and P2O5 -46%.

Technical specifications:


Moisture % by weight, maximum 2.5
Total N % by weight, minimum 18
Ammonical nitrogen % by weight, minimum 15.5
Available Phosphorus (as P2O5)% by weight, minimum 46.0
Water Soluble Phosphorus (as P2O5)% by weight, minimum 39.5
Particle size: Minimum 90% of the material be retained on 1 mm and 4 mm IS sieve


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