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Buy Africa Global Investment PTY LTD Company Reviews

We are direct LEGAL MANDATE to manufacturers.

We facilitate for both BUYERS and SELLERS on various commodities as you see on our website. We link GENUINE SUPPLIERS with GENUINE BUYERS on COMMISSION BASIS .

Our commission are from suppliers side and sometimes from BUYERS SIDE if the buyer we are facilitating for, is not being supplied by one of our MANUFACTURERS which we have mandate with.

We only supply buyers which we have done our DD(due diligence).

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About Buy Africa Global Investment PTY LTD Company


We’re committed to growing our business, and our employees as people. Sustainable growth is the cornerstone of all progress. We’d like to see all of our team members growing and developing as our business expands, and we’re committed to making this happen.


We treat our customers and our teams with respect while doing business. No business can expect to do well without fostering an environment which is built on courtesy and consideration for others. This means appreciating both our customers and our co-workers, and treating them as we would like to be treated.


We continuously change and reinvent business; and we embrace people with an attitude of entrepreneurship. For our business to thrive, we need all of our staff to feel a sense of ownership – if the business succeeds – so do you! So everybody needs to take charge and really think how you would approach your tasks if you were the owner of the business. You can make a difference!


BuyAfrica Global Investment company strives to build a culture of trust where we all hold ourselves to a high standard of ethics, always acting with honesty and integrity in all our interactions, whether it’s with customers or coworkers. Our customers need to know that they can rely on our word – that we will deliver what we promise, when we promise it, and your co-workers need to know that you have their back too!

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